Friday, 9 September 2011

Pre-Autumn Prep

I know its only early september, but these cold nights and cooler days have dipped the water temps in cottage country somewhat severe and we all know what that does to both toothy critters and Bass...they begin to feed a lot more and move off those deeper haunts which makes it a whole lot easier on us anglers who like to fish the shallow junk for our hawgs.
Personally, I love the cooler days of autumn, no bugs, no sunburns, no dehydration and a lot less angling pressure from tournaments, pleasure boaters and fishermen, I usually get a lot of my bigger bass during the cooler water months of Sept-November.

Weather it be smallmouth on flats, shoals, shallow points & sand bars with spinnerbaits, crankbaits, Z-too shad baits, Zeros & curly tailed grubs or bigmouth bass with jigs, soft plastics, `blades `n cranks on flats with submerged timber, grass and cabbage weed, I just love this time of year for hawgs.

I hate to dispell a myth surrounding the colder water period, but Bass in fact DO NOT slow down due to the colder water temps, they in fact, are more aggressive and will chase their prey a further distance to get a meal. I`m not talking about great lakes bass, but rather shallower cottage country lakes with dark bottomed back bays and flats that attract baitfish, perch and bluegills which in turn attract the bigger bass to feed.
I`ll rig up with a wider assortment of baits and presentations and let the bass tell me what they want on any given day, which can and does change from hour to hour on different days.
You`ll find a lot more pack feeding bass in Fall, strength in numbers I`m guessing, but locate one big fish and most times others are present or not to far away.

If your looking for that big fish of the year, the timeframe for that to happen is almost upon us...rig up, get out and catch that hawg, but please have the respect and common sense to release the hawgs to live and fight another day.

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