Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dedicated to Crappie

What is the appeal of Crappie...big slab crappie?
Is it the excitement of catching a bunch of big `ole slabs during that big dollar crappie tournament?
Is it the challenge of locating the bigger than average crappie?

Is it the basic instinct of us humans to hunt and harvest our next meal?
Could it be that you don`t even need a boat to catch a mess of good tasting crappie if the conditions and locations are right.
I think the popularity of crappie fishing takes us all back to the beginning of our angling memories that could include fishing with friends or family with a basic pole, very in-expensive reel, old line and suspending a little minnow below a bobber.
Simple, yet very effective even by todays high tech standards used by the crappie pros across the US in competitive crappie tournaments.
For me personally, I enjoy crappie fishing both a bunch of reasons.
Its usually a laid-back atmosphere, using basic equipment and terminal tackle like slip floats, tiny sinkers, light wire hooks or small artificial baits of all shapes and colors.
Furthermore, its usually with a good buddy or two, sharing more than a few laughs while reeling in those surface slapping slabs to the boat.
Some times, all it takes is a phone call from a friend telling me the big fat slabs are on the feed bag on so and so lake, which gets me fired up big time and almost makes me forget about Bass!
That rush or natural high, as I call it, is very addictive.
One you catch it, it usually never leaves!
I get asked alot, by many folks which is my favorite crappie to catch?
The dark, purple and gold slabs from across Canada or the mighty giant white slabs that inhabit many lakes across the U.S.
My answer is simple, I`ll fish for either, or anytime.
Chasing or hunting down the big black slabs across Ontario is usually a challenge involving a little more effort after the usual springtime spawn when they are quite easy to locate and catch.
Suspended fish in open water requires a bit more homework with gps electronics and mapping systems.

Fishing for those huge white monsters across the US is awesome. Something every angler should consider adding to their fishing bucket list. The states of Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee & most recently Indiana have some of the biggest white crappie I have ever seen in my life!
I have been blessed to have the opportunity to fish with some real good crappie anglers while filming shows for Extreme Angler TV and they have opened my eyes big time to the wide variety of presentations and techniques used to both locate and catch more and bigger crappie on a consistant basis.
The dedication these anglers have, chasing down big slabs is only matched by the pros on the BASS & FLW bass tours. Yes, it is that serious across the US Mid and southwest when you mention crappie.
And many of these same anglers fish for and guide for crappie fulltime, so you know they HAVE to find fish or they don`t get paid, its that easy. To witness first hand the dedication and sacrifice these guys make to fish for these little, tasty fish is surreal.
With winter slowly creeping into Ontario, my thoughts and preparations are focused on heading back to the good old U.S. and hook up with some good ole`e boys like Tim, Jackie, Rusty, Billy, Luke & Kyle to hunt down some big fat slabs for camera and a good old fashioned fish fry with Mr. Crappie as our host.
When your planning your road trips next season, don`t forget about those big fat slabs, ganged up and waiting for you.


  1. Great article Karl,I love crappie fishing!

  2. Nice crappie Karl! Bet they tasted Awsume for shore lunch!

  3. I've caught a few on Rice and scugog river but no slabs like these yet. Never actually targeted them..and how much meat can you harvest from this slim guys?

  4. I simply love the "hunt" aspect when I`m fishing for bigger than average crappie. Catching them is a bonus. Fish in the 10-12" inch range are perfect eaters, half a dozen of these will fill your belly nicely!