Monday, 5 September 2011

Bay of Quinte Cane Bass

Fished-filmed a show last week on the Bay Of Quinte for largemouth bass in "extremely heavy canebeds" with some good results.
Hooked up with my St.Croix Tournament legend Big Jig rod, Ardent F700 Denny Brauer Fip n Pitch reel loaded with 65 pound Spiderthread micro braid and at the business end of it all tied on a one-half ounce Strike King Hack Attack jig in summer craw green with matching Rage chunk in pumpkin with green flake.
Started out in real skinny water and hot my first fish in 12 inches of water near some blown up slop on the outer edges of the cane.
Moved down the bank slightly and pitched to a tiny cane patch away from the bank and hit a better (2+ pound bass that hit like a train) made for good footage.

Puttered down the bank making pitches to every single spot I thought a bass might be hiding under and came to some small rice beds on the outside of the cane...moved out slowly and hit a solid 3+ pounder at the very tip of the rice bed.
Worked the rest of the rice bed with not a sniff, and head back to the shoreline cane and blown up slop.
After approx. 25 mintues of scattered pitches to slop, cane and lily pads I came to an area that had slightly deeper water and clumps of cane off the bank mixed in with the shoreline stuff...starting banging fish after fish right away.
What these fish lacked in overall size, sure made up for in strikes and overall aggressiveness which kept the blood flowing and overall kept the heart beating at a high rate of beats per stuff!
Didn`t see alot of the hits, but felt the "leaf-like" sensation of a fish who must have picked up the jig as it laid on the bottom...thank goodness for the ultra strong, but oh so sensitive St.Croix rods!

Stayed with the pattern for another 45+ mintues and caught a variety of fish in the 1-3 pound range until I came to a sharp turn in the cane leading to shallower water which produced some of the better fish of the day. But I had to pitch my jig n rage chunk a lot further back into the cane to get bit.
That made for some real exciting moments and killer footage...strike, splash and bull dog these fatter bass out of the slop and cane approx 10 feet back in the heavy stuff....tons of fun!
Overall had a great day of the Bay and filmed another action, information packed show for season 10 of Extreme Angler TV coming this Fall on WFN & WFNHD...don`t miss it!

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  1. Thats when you were using that hack attack jig and kvd chunk. Nice bass Karl!