Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Strike King`s "New" Dream Shot Bait

When I was in Tennessee a few weeks back attending the annual Strike King Pro Team meetings I had an opportunity to spend some time with both Kevin & Jonathan Vandam between all the media interviews and video appointments to share some fishing stories.
Its good to be me, cause out of the blue the guys gave me a handful and then some of the brand new, not yet released or announced to the public, Strike King Dream shot bait that looked out of this world!
Needless to say, I couldn`t wait to get back to Ontario to try our these little bitty baits on some of my favorite smallmouth lakes in cottage country and the great lakes.
After a few days of attending to business related matters, I took off up north to one of my fav lakes on a cold, 25 km east wind day, with both rain and drizzle with little expectations of any great fish tales.

My rod lockers we`re still packed tight with all kinds of baits and presentations, and after a little organization issues, I dug out a couple of my St.Croix Legend Xtreme drop shot rods which we`re all ready to go, except for removing the traditional shad/goby-like baits, and hooking up with some of the new strike king dream baits.
Headed to a favorite rocky point, turned on the front sonar and saw suspended fish over 27+ feet of water.
Instead of dropping down to the bottom and doing the traditional lift and shake, I lowered my baits down approx 15 feet and before I could even begin my shimmy and shake, my rod loaded up with smallie number one, a solid fish that bull dogged in the depths and made slow but powerful runs pulling drag from my Ardent S2000 spinning reel.

The next 3+ hours we`re filled with similar results, but I was waiting for the big gals to show up or bite, which in this case just didn`t happen, but the sheer numbers of solid bass that ate this new little bait had me hooked, big time!
Most of the fish had the bait down the yap and the small Daiichi drop shot hook had to be removed with long nosed pliers before releasing the fish safely.
It didn`t even matter which color I tried, they all worked!
Let me tell you this, every once in a while a bait, lure or presentation comes along that catches fish like crazy with very little effort, this new Strike King Dream shot bait is one of those baits!!
Heck, I couldn`t even keep the northerns off it!
It opened my eyes bigtime to yet another tool to use on suspended fish in nasty cold front conditions. I can only imagine what this little soft bait, that looks and feels like it is custom hand poured, will do on favourable conditions!!
Yes, it really is that good!
I do know this much, if it was designed and created with the help of the Vandam boys, its good enough for me as they told me it was instrumental on the Elite Tour this past year as well.
Keep your eyes and ears open for the announcement of this new drop shot bait from Strike King Lure Co., cause I know this is going to be one bait that sells out, very quickly!!

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