Sunday, 29 May 2011

Walleye-Northern Pike road trip

Had a great weekend with my family and did a lot of the "to-do-stuff" like cutting the grass in front and back, b-b-q`s, paying bills, banking, picking up my mail, laundry, food shopping, bought some new plants for my wife with the green thumb, cleaned out my truck and boat (man, did that take some time) from the most recent mini-road trips and scouting trips across the Kawarthas this past week, topped up the opti-oil, re-charged the batteries, greased the trailer bearings, Re-spooled all of my spinning sticks, tied on a bunch of my favorite gator baits like Strike King Z-too`s, in-line spinners, buzzbaits, spoon & grub trailer, jerkbaits and sexy spoons onto my casting rods.
Getting ready for the next road trip to Ontario`s near north country to fish & film at one of my favorite locations for both numbers and braggin` size walleyes and hitting some other new lakes for both `eyes and gators.
I`ll be sure to post a full report of the trip including the hottest baits, presentations and locations for anyone else interested in fishing and visiting Ontario`s awesome near north country.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Walleye Scouting on the Kawarthas

Went out yesterday with my buddy Tai Dang to scout some of my favorite walleye locations on the Kawartha lakes for the first time in 2011. Despite the cloudy, windy conditions we we`re able to position my boat in approx. 8-12 feet of water and make shore underhand pitches with small 1/8th -1/4 oz jigs and curly tailed grubs to scattered weedclumps. The hot depth for the day was in the 10 foot range as many male walleye ate the bait as it was falling or off bottom. The bite was not fast and furious, but consistant enough to make for a pleasant day on the water.

Time to regroup and head out again with the camera crew and "get serious" about some action packed walleye episodes for season ten of Extreme Angler TV.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Road Trip to West Baden Indiana

Just returned from another successful road trip fishing/filming shows for season ten of Extreme Angler TV in West Baden Springs, Indiana. I was invited back in March by the friendly folks at the ultra luxurious West Baden Springs Hotel to film a show from their hotel and assist in the overall promotion of the hotel, region and awesome Crappie fishing.
Words alone cannot describe the incredible features of this world renowned hotel & casino.
Despite the heavy rainfalls and high water conditions we we`re able to film a very informative and action packed episode with Rusty Collier fishing submerged bushes and trees in 12-15 feet of water with Strike King slab hammer grubs and Blakemore Road Runners in bright chartruese tones.
We caught some nice sze crappie for a meal and caught & released more slabs in the 12-14" range to fight another day.
On the return drive, we stopped at Port Huron, MI to hook up with my buddy Todd Steele and fished on the U.S. side of Lake St.Clair during the special catch & release season for smallmouth bass.
Wow, was that a blast.
Fished/filmed from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and changed up from fishing burner spinnerbaits, Z-Too`s and Red eye shads in 6-8 feet of H20 in the morning during overcast skies and moved into the ultra shallows from 2-3 feet when the sun came out and blasted countless hard fighting smallies with Strike King Coffee tubes.
All in all, the 10 hour drive each way was well worth the effort as well captured two more action packed shows for next season.

Time to re-tie some new line on my reels and rig up for some scouting some of my favorite walleye locations this week.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Welcome to Extreme Angler TV worldwide blogger

Just signed up to and inviting you to have a "behind the scenes look" at what it takes to be a full time professional angler, tv host and producer living in the great white north country called Canada. I`ll be posting everything from preparing for tournaments, fishing-filming road trips, where I go, who I meet, who I fish with, how the day went, what I caught, what I lost and how I did it all.
Getting ready for road trip #7 this week for big smallmouth bass in the northern U.S. and slab crappie a bit deeper into the midwest U.S.. Stay tuned for updates and photos asap.