Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Natural High

People often ask me what is the number one reason I love to fish as much as I do?
And, my answers are quite simple.

1/ I was born to fish, period. It was in my parents DNA and transferred to me upon inception.

 How else could you explain the fact I get up from a warm bed at three o`clock in the morning to ensure I am already on the water for that special daybreak topwater bass bite?

Or hold onto an ice cold reel handle with frozen fingers waiting for the next "tick" signalling my next walleye bite?

There was only one word possible in the english language to describe who and what I am, and that is "extreme", hence the show title, Extreme Angler TV.
2/ The number two reason is the pure "rush" I get from setting hook, fighting and landing a bigger than average fish puts me on cloud nine, period.
 And, its not even the catch that drives me to make thousands upon thousands of casts, pitches & flips a day, its the "hunt" that makes me stay on the water longer than most.
 Get up earlier than most.
 Stay focused and concentrate on "my job" a little harder than most.

The catch is only a bonus. Land it, take a few photos, release it.
I have too much respect for my prey to purposely injure or harvest any large fish in any way.
Everyone has there own reasons for why they fish. For food, for pleasure, for relaxation and for the very lucky, blessed ones like I, for a living and career.

Because it was what we we`re meant to do!

We might have had other jobs along the way, but in our heart of hearts, we knew, the fishing game is where we belonged and made the sacrifices, took the risks and for some of us, reaped the rewards of making our living by chasing and catching these little finned creatures who swim!

Its not rocket science, or major heart surgery, its fishing!

And for some of us, thats all we ever wanted to do since birth and that is....GO FISHING!


  1. Yep Karl. That is Exactly how I would describe myself also. It's in Our Blood.

  2. Great read Karl! The feel of the tick the heart stopping explosion and the feel of that bass trying to take the rod outa your hands when he hammers that crankbait ohhhh yes.

  3. My parents got me into fishing when I was a little kid. Still love it as an adult & especially love introducing people to the great sport/hobby! My parents taught me how important it was to know where our food comes from & how to catch my own food to eat. They took us shrimping, crabbing, clam digging, oyster harvesting as well as fishing. I go out fishing every chance I get. Always a good time!

  4. All I got to say is I would love to be in your place.. Other things have turn me into different directions.. All I got to say for you Karl is that your totally EXTREME!!!!

  5. Fishing is in my blood too,don't know what I would do if I couldn't fish. This is a great blog as is your face book. Thanks KK for all the tips and good reads.