Sunday, 14 August 2011

Spit N King Smallies

One of latest road trips included an action packed morning casting Strike King Spit N King topwater plugs to shallow rock piles for some high flying smallmouth bass. The fish we`re schooled up in tight packs with many back to back casts and Bass. I had to make longer casts to the spooky shallow fish, but once the bait landed on the right spot, these bass had no hesitation to smash the plugs hard! A lot of the fish spent more time airborn than in the water which made for some awesome footage. Once the sun got high and hot, the fish began to scatter to the deeper edges. They still bit, but the strikes we`re few and farthur between, but the size was still good. I had to use a follow up rod rigged with a zero stick worm to pick up a few more fish that slashed at the spit n king, but didn`t get hooked up.
As you can see by the close up image, these smallies hit the bait hard and scratched up my plugs pretty good, but they kept on catching all morning long

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