Saturday, 4 June 2011

Rainy day tackle prep

A perfect rainy, damp day today to string up a bunch of casting rods and stock up on my sponsor shipments of tackle for the new Bass season beginning June 25th in southern Ontario. Filled a bunch of Plano storage system boxes with everything you could imagine from soft plastics like Strike King rage craws, rodents, rage toads, coffee tubes, KVD chunks, Daiichi and Stand Out hooks, spit n kings, snag proof frogs, you name it, I loaded it up today!
Strung up fresh new Vicious line on all (yes all 40+ casting rods) from 10 to 25 pound test and braids for those big beast bass who like to hide in nasty places.
Hung up my damp, wet rain gear (so it doesn`t smell like pike slime) in the hope tomorrows sun will dry up the dampness with a fresh squirt of Fabreze Hawaii might do the trick.
Going to spend some quality time with my better half and girls and watch some spooky blue ray movies that make us jump in the night. Have a good one.

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